Basic Rules

Card Territories

Aguma - Nation of Fire
A dwarven country, inhabited by dinosaurs and golems.
Specializing in aggressive strategies that quickly deploy cards into the base, allowing for the fast summoning of minions and for players to attack the opponent early on in the game.
Specialties: [Charge] effect, ability to call forth Token Minions, quick at weakening opponent's minions.
Kanatana - The Nation of Light
An avian kingdom, inhabited by angels and chimera.
Perfect for toying with your opponent using combos and surprise attacks.
Specialties: Swoop ability, strengthening minions, returning minions to the opponent's hand.
Thanatos - The Nation of Darkness
A kingdom of skeletons, monsters, and demons.
Perfect for strategies utilizing the trash and the destruction of minions and Forces.
Specialties: Revenge ability, Trash and When Destroyed effects.
Demete - Nation of Forests
An elven country inhabited by beasts and treefolk.
Perfect for strategies focused on ramping up mana and generating a plethora of minions.
Specialties: Pierce effect, mana increase, putting opponent's minions in the rest state.
Poseido - Nation of Seas
An aquatic kingdom of merfolk and sea serpents.
For cunning strategies involving Magic and the manipulation of Movement.
Specialties: Infiltrate effect, drawing of cards, minion movement.
Machinas - Nation of Machines
A country of androids, inhabited by human and beast-like robots.
Perfect for focusing on minion battles and using the Forces.
Specialties: Resurge effect, Force protection, blocking.
Wild Land - The Neutral Zone
Land of colorless minions, not associated with a nation.
Neutral Cards require no Color Mana, making them useful in any deck.
From support to counterattack, they serve many purposes.


BP (Battle Points)
Points that are needed to attack and block.
During a battle between minions, the minion with the lower BP will be sent to the trash.
DP (Damage Points)
The amount of damage a minion can inflict on Life.
When an attack to Life is not blocked, Life will be decreased by the amount of DP the attacking minion has.
Active (State)
Minions in this state can be used to attack or block.
Minions can attack the opponent's Life or Forces.
Once in each turn, a minion summoned to the field or a minion placed in the base can be moved between the two areas.
Shuffles your deck.
Summon Cost
The amount of mana required to summon a minion or cast magic.
Card Designation
Cards are separated into total of 7 types:
- Red: Aguma
- Yellow: Kanatana
- Green: Demete
- White: Machinas
- Blue: Poseido
- Purple: Thanatos
- Neutral: Wild Land.
The unit used to count play turns.
During your turn, you can summon minions, attack your opponent, and more.
A set of forty cards used in battle.
One card is drawn at the beginning of every turn. If a player's deck runs out of drawable cards, that player will lose.
Where drawn cards are held. Up to ten cards can be held at a time.
Cards drawn exceeding that number will be put in the trash.
A minion that is not a card, and is summoned by effects.
Tokens cannot be moved to the base.
Where defeated minions, used magic, and otherwise destroyed cards are placed.
The action of taking a card from the top of the deck and placing it in the hand.
The area where summoned minions are displayed.
Only minions summoned to the field can be used to attack.
Field Minion
A card used to attack and block.
Support objects that provide passive effects from the beginning of battle. Two types of Forces can be selected before you battle. Effects will differ by Force.
Flash Phase
A phase that occurs when you or your opponent attacks. It is an opportunity to cast magic or use minions' effects.
An action that allows you to protect your Forces and Life from an opponent's attacks by using minions.
Block Phase
A phase in which you can block an opponent's attack.
The area where mana is placed.
Base Minion
A card used to pay mana cost.
Ability that allows a minion to change into one with strong effects when receiving a Boost.
It is a card that exerts effects by using it from the hand. It will be put in the trash after use.
Placed in the base, and is not a card. Mana is required to summon minions and cast magic.
Mana Phase
A phase during which you can place Base Minions from your hand or place Neutral Mana.
You can redraw cards of your choice from six cards drawn at the beginning of the battle.
Main Phase
A phase during which you can summon minions, cast magic, move minions, and attack your opponent.
Both players and Forces have Life.
When a Force's Life reaches zero, that Force will be destroyed.
When a player's Life reaches zero, that player will lose.
Rest (State)
A state during which minions on the Field cannot be used to attack or block.
Additionally, Base Minions used as mana will be put into rest, making them unable to be used as towards mana cost.
If a Force goes into rest, that Force will not be effective for that turn. The state will continue until your next turn.

Key Effects

Ability that allows you to grant a minion a boost in BP/DP and a <Boost Ability> by combining it with mana.
You can Boost a minion by using a Movement to target a minion that meets the requirements.
An effect set on Field Minions.
If a minion with the Pierce effect wins a battle against another minion during your turn, the original target receives damage equal to the attacking minion's DP minus 1.
An effect set on minions.
These minions will become Activate at the end of the turn, even if they are in the rest state.
An effect set on minions.
These minions can attack your opponent as soon as summoned.
Can be activated once per turn by fulfilling the indicated conditions.
The Level of applicable Summoners and Conjured Minions increases by 1 regardless of where they are. Minions Evolved while on the field carry over any changes made before the Evolution.
Activates whenever you summon another minion belonging to the indicated class.
An effect set on minions.
These minions can only be blocked by minions with the same cost.
Ability that allows a minion to change into one of a different color when receiving a Boost.
Boosting a Metamorphosed minion will allow it to Transform again.
An effect set on minions.
When these minions are used to attack, the attacked minion will be destroyed at the end of the battle regardless of the BP.
An effect set on minions.
These minions can be summoned from the hand during Flash Phase.
An effect set on minions.
If mana of the specified color is present in the base, a new card can be drawn when a minion with this ability has been summoned.

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3. Make sure that “Choose paper source by PDF page size” is unchecked.

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