Year 20XX
With the help of great technological advancements, artificial intelligence (AI) of the past has evolved considerably, to the point of rivaling their human creators.

AI can now be found in all spaces throughout the world, from the medical field, public safety, and business management, to the entertainment industry, the military, and even AI-development labs. And yet, among them are Large-Scale Data Processing Humanoid AI that function at a higher level.
These are known as "codemen." Their cutting-edge interface gives them what could be considered a personality.
This has allowed them to overcome being thought of as simple tools.

With this, the beauty of science and the intelligence of mankind is brought together and the Zenon begins.
That is where Zenonzard, having gained a level of popularity the world has never seen, takes the stage, and participants battle against AI, as well as alongside them.

Presented with a tournament where no one can anticipate what's in store, these codemen, and you, will witness battles that give a glimpse at the true nature of the world.


Personalities of the Buddy AI 'Codemen'

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