Nonoin –Idle Curiosity-


This is the story about AI Nonoin Nillon who works for a record company as a composer.
One day, Nonoin's manager approaches her with a job to write a song for a major pop idol group.
The request was to ""write the song with the group's essence in mind.""
This added note gave Nonoin a lot of trouble as she found herself creatively blocked.
""I finally saw it, but I couldn't make it like I wanted.""
What is the answer she came to after all her worrying?


Director Shintaro Inokawa
Nonoin Nilon Reina Kondo
Manager Rie Tanaka

And more


Ending Theme

I do L I love U(Short Size)

Nonoin Nillon
(CV: Reina Kondo)

yrics by: Sarari Matsubara / Composed by:Tomohiro Akiura / Arranged by: Kengo Minamida

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